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Fire Bricks

Shaped Refractory

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Shanker Agencies Private Limited High Alumina Bricks
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Fire Clay Bricks

Comes in all shapes & sizes 

Fire Clay bricks are the basic refractory bricks with low alumina content (Al2O3). it can withstand moderate to high temperature depending on the grade

High Alumina Bricks

Comes in all shapes & sizes

As the name suggest this is the of refractory bricks which has high alumina content which increases its temperature resistance

Acid Proof Bricks

Limited shapes and sizes

Acid proof bricks are chemical resistant & thermally durable.They are made from high silica shale & fired at higher temperatures than conventional brick.

Magnesite Bricks

& Chrome Magnesite

Limited shapes & sizes

Chrome magnesite is made from a mixture of chromite & roasted magnesite.  CHM has strong Basic Slag Erosion Resistance and good Thermal Shock Resistance.

High Alumina Brick
Acid Proof Bricks
Magnasite & Chrome Bricks
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