Insulation Refractory 

Insulation Bricks & Shapes

Its most notable features are small volume density, low thermal conductivity and compressive strength, and high apparent porosity. It can effectively prevent the heat flow from passing through the enclosure structure and reduce the heat loss

Insulating fire bricks are generally used as linings or insulation layers of industrial kilns. Saving energy can effectively improve production efficiency.


Ceramic Fiber Insulation

As the name suggest it is a kind of insulation material which is made from high-temperature insulation wool made from synthetic minerals which is processed and densified resulting in a product which is capable of handling consistent temperature upto 1430* C 

Additional properties of ceramic fiber. Such as low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, excellent thermal shock resistance, lightweight, and superior corrosion resistance.


Finally, ceramic fiber can be used for thermal processing in a great variety of high-temperature industries. Such as iron, steel, aluminum, copper, refinery, glass, cement, automotive, and industrial furnaces.